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Long Lead Mini (5 metre)
12mm wide, (approx) 5 Meters long, Small Snap Hook. For training dogs on Recall,or allowing ..
Ex GST: AU$28.46
Long Lead Regular (5 metre)
20mm wide, (approx) 5 Meters long, Medium Snap Hook.   For training dogs on Recall,o..
Ex GST: AU$32.00
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Tracking Lead Mini (11 metre)
Black Dog Tracking Leads - Mini size lead (12mm wide webbing) - 11 Meters long, Small Snap Hook..
Ex GST: AU$34.09
Tracking Lead Small (11 metre) small snap
Black Dog Tracking Leads - Small size - 11 Metres long, Small Snap Hook and conventional loop handle..
Ex GST: AU$40.00
Tracking Lead Regular (11 metre) medium snap
11 Metres long, 20mm wide - Medium Snap Hook Black Dog Tracking Leads - Regular size - 11 Meters ..
Ex GST: AU$40.00