Why should your dog be the only one with style?

We have collected a range of gear to make your training easier and more comfortable, whether out competing, or just out strolling.

We have a range of Bags so you can always have your gear right by your side and we've added a great range of booklets on Reward Based Training - to help keep your dog a well adjusted member of the houshold.

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Tear Drop Clicker on Wrist Strap
Black Dog's Tear Drop Clicker, supplied with an adjustable Wrist Strap, so it is always on hand for ..
Ex GST: AU$11.09
For use with a Clickers. Attaches to the tab on a Clicker. The Zinger contains an 80cm retractabl..
Ex GST: AU$7.36
Whistle - Silent
Black Dog's Professional Training Whistle Precision manufactured to a traditional design. This w..
Ex GST: AU$35.90
Puppy Survival Guide
The Puppy Survival Guide - Sarah Whitehead When you first get your Puppy, lots of things are new ..
Ex GST: AU$10.00
Adolescent Dog Guide
Adolescent Dog Survival Guide - Sarah Whitehead What happened? Your cute, little puppy has turned..
Ex GST: AU$10.00
Gentle Hands Off Training
Gentle Hands Off Dog Training - Sarah Whitehead This is a great introduction to Positive Reward T..
Ex GST: AU$10.00
Mind Games for Dogs
Mind Games for Dogs - Sarah Whitehead A bored dog will create things to interest itself - unfortu..
Ex GST: AU$10.00
Poo Pick-Up Bags (pack of 45 bags)   Totally Compostable / Biodegradable bags for respons..
Ex GST: AU$6.00
Lead Pouch
Designed as a neat little pouch to connect onto your Lead - for holding Pick-Up Bags, but could just..
Ex GST: AU$7.95
Based on 1 reviews.
ReflexStrip - 13cm long, 20mm wide - Reflective strip 13mm wide. Sold individually.  &nbs..
Ex GST: AU$7.54
Foam Dog Head
Point of Sale Foam Dog Head - for retail display, or demonstration of Black Dog Head Halters.  ..
Ex GST: AU$15.00
Pee Wee Sponge
Pee Wee Sponge For absorbing liquid from surfaces, particularly carpets - more particularly Urine..
Ex GST: AU$10.82
Show Arm Band
Show Arm Band - Elastic Arm Band only In response to your feed-back, we now sell the Show Arm com..
Ex GST: AU$4.00
Show Pocket - Single Sided
Show Arm Pocket - Single Sided In response to your feed-back, we now sell the Show Arm components..
Ex GST: AU$7.36
Show Pocket - Double Sided
Double Sided Clear View Pocket In response to your feed-back, we now sell the Show Arm components..
Ex GST: AU$11.41
Wash Bag
A Wash Bag for all your Black Dog Leads, Collars and other washable doggie stuff.   Did y..
Ex GST: AU$10.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag. Comfortable and stylish, this Messenger Bag is designed to carry all your doggie b..
Ex GST: AU$29.82
Based on 4 reviews.
Shoulder Bag
Shoulder Bag New design - The Black Dog Shoulder Bag has been returned in a new form.   ..
Ex GST: AU$40.91
Carry All Bag
This is a Carry Bag designed specially for doggie people - who travel with their dog, or who do tria..
Ex GST: AU$70.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Black Dog Stubby Cooler & soon 2017 Xmas Stubby Holder available start December! Keep your dr..
Ex GST: AU$5.00
Hands Free Training Belt
Hands Free Training Belt   - The Belt - adjustable 70 to 125cm - The Lead - 25mm wide - ..
Ex GST: AU$45.00
Based on 3 reviews.
Adjustable Lead - 70/120 cm (small)
Adjustable Lead - Double Snap - 70 to 120 cm - (small snaps) This is narrower version of the lead..
Ex GST: AU$18.95
Adjustable Lead - 70/120 cm (regular)
Adjustable Lead - Double Snap - 70 to 120 cm - (medium snaps) This is the same lead as is supplie..
Ex GST: AU$18.95