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A snug fit which does not restrict a dog's natural movement is most important in a sport harness,

so getting the right measurements for a Made to Measure harness is also important.


Take all measurements with a soft flexible measure tape and make sure it is pulled tight when you take the measurement.

For most dogs all we need is a snug Girth Measurement (A) and the Breed Type, but if your dog is not typical of a breed type, or if it is extremely small, or very large, then we will need Measurement B and C to make sure it will fit well.


Measurement (A) -  the Girth...  All the way around the rib cage of the dog, just behind the front legs.  With a soft tape mesaure, start at the dog's spine, down and under the rig cage and back up the other side to meet up at the spine - pull tight and take the measurement.



Measurement B ...   Across the front of the Chest.  With a soft tape mesaure, start just behind the dog's Front Leg (the armpit), measure from there across the front of the chest to the Arm Pit on the other side.  Try to keep this between the throat and where the legs join the body.


Measurement C ... Over the Shoulders - Start just above the Arm Pit on one side, measure up and over the spine and finish just above the Arm Pit on the other side.


Measurements B and C are only required if your dog is extremely small, or very large, or not typical body proportions of its Breed Type.  If we are unsure with any of your measurements, we will contact you before making the harness.

Black Dog's Made to Measure Tracking Harness - this harness is individually made to exactly fit your dog's body.


Tracking requires that the dog can pull into the harness, but still move freely, especially in difficult terrain.


Made to Measure - to fit your dog exactly - so we need to know some details of your dog.


Check the How to Measure tab for details of measuring before completing your Order.

In most cases we can successfully fit a dog from its Girth size (Measurement A) and Breed Type.

But if your dog is very large,  very small,  or non-typical of a Breed Type,  then Measurements B and C become necessary.


If we have any doubt on the Measurements supplied we will email you.

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