Measuring for a Y Front Sport Harness

By measuring in a Figure 8 as shown, your dog gets the correct size and best fit in a Y Front Harness.


Check the picture below to see how and where the "Figure 8 Body Measurement" should be taken.

Use a soft tape measure.


Place the tape across the back of your dog's neck, bring both ends around to the front of the chest and cross them over as you take them between the dog's front legs and then up each side of the rib cage so the 2 ends eventually meet at the top of the dog's back (as shown)


Pull it to be a tight, snug fit and read off the measurement.


Now check the chart below, to select the correct size.

Y-Front Harness Min (cm) Max (cm)
Small 45 (cm) 145 (cm)
Regular 70 (cm) 195 (cm)

Y-Front Harness Min (inches) Max (inches)
Small 18 (Inches) 57 (Inches)
Regular 27½ (Inches) 77 (Inches)

Tracking Y-Front Harness Video
Tracking Y-Front Harness
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