Whippet Collar (28 - 36cm)
  • Whippet Collar (28 - 36cm)
  • Whippet Collar (28 - 36cm)
  • Whippet Collar (28 - 36cm)
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Whippet Collar - 38mm wide collar pad - adjustable from 28 to 36 cm.


Black Dog has worked with Whippet breeders to scale down our sighthound design and produce this elegant and practical collar specifically for the breed.


The Whippet Collar has a wide, tapered neck pad and a tightening action for security, so your dog can't slip its collar.


Please Note: Apple Green is only available in 2 tone Whippet Collars.

We do not supply completely Apple Green Whippet & Sighthound collars - this is due to our commitments to the Greyhound Adoption Programs (GAP) around Australia which use AppleGreen as their official colour collar. GAP collars are only awarded to dogs who have successfully completed GAP retraining programs for retired racing greyhounds and are used by rangers to quickly identify these retrained greyhounds.

Black Dog has undertaken not to produce Apple Green Sighthound and WhippetCollars to help maintain the integrity of these retraining and adoption programs.




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