Limited Slip Collar (38-58cm) *New Design
  • Limited Slip Collar (38-58cm) *New Design
  • Limited Slip Collar (38-58cm) *New Design
  • Limited Slip Collar (38-58cm) *New Design
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Limited Slip Collar - Adjustable 38-58 cm  - New Correction Loop design.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE for Training your dog not to pull.

**Limited slip collars have replaced our Heavy Duty Training Collar.

Now avalable in all colours for the collar strap with black loop.

The New Loop Design uses a narrower, high density webbing, with a smaller clip to make it easier to fit.  The loop design means the clip never takes full pressure from a pulling dog, so we are able to use a smaller clip to make it easier to feed through the main D ring.


A Limited Slip is a security collar - designed to tighten if a dog pulls on the lead, making it difficult for a dog to slip its collar.


Black Dog's unique "Clip on" design means you can adjust the collar to exactly fit your dog's neck - because this collar is not fitted over the dog's head. This type of collar is recommended for Malamutes or Huskies, or any dog where strength and security are paramount.

This collar is similar in effect to our Training Collars, however we use a different set up to achieve the tightening.

Selection of the most appropriate style comes down to a personal preference - some trainers say the Limited Slip sits flatter on a dog, others prefer our Training Collar design. 

Check out the Videos for more infomation


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