Just Bought some Black Dog products

Hi guys, first time on your site and first time I've bought some of your products, but let me tell you why! Last year I lost my two boys, in November, Fred Smith passed away, 13 he was, a big old 35 kg dog, then his brother left us, 14 year old Cosi a month to the exact date, a 40 kg boy. Both big dogs, who walked well on leads, were calm and content to lie around. After Cosi passed away, a week later we rescued Hunter the Terrier X from a pound in Mildura. Hunter had lived as a farm dog, no boundaries, no training, just manic, excitable happy terrier madness! At just 1 year old, I had my hands full. So i did my homework. This dog wanted to learn, NOW, and I needed to find ways to help him learn how to live in our world. I bought clickers, leads, collars, harnesses, bike accessories, crate, beds, treats, cooked roast chicken for gold treats, had kibble for bronze treats, I bought books, downloaded audio books, I listened to pod casts..I was going to help Hunter be the BEST dog he could be! All the cheap stuff broke and I wasted my money. But the Black dog products are a godsend. The quality is so impressive. He has a collar, leashfree walking lead (the old one I think), the seat belt and harness (which I'm sure you could restrain a lion in it's so sturdy)and a treat bag for me. Leash free is a revelation, I can click and treat so easily, as Hunter is learning to focus on me on our walks and not be so overly stimulated by his surroundings. Hunter has come a long way, but I really just wanted to say you should be very proud of the product you send out there, it's hard for us novice's to know what is quality and what isn't - glad I have found it! SO thanks, from Alison & Hunter
5 out of 5 Stars!
June 2012 - Alison

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