As a new owner of a Saint Bernard puppy, I was in need of a way of being able to control my dog as he grew. I tried a BUNCH of inferior and more expensive products and failed. I wasn’t able to control his sheer power when he was pulling to say hello to all his potential new friends. Until I came across the black dog haltermate. Reasons why it’s amazing; 1- it freakin works!!! He’s 72kg, I can’t hold that back just walking on collar or harness. 2- I can order cute colours, shallow I know but most big dog stuff only comes in black, blah! 3- he outgrew the largest size on the site before his first birthday and I reached out and THEY MADE HIM A CUSTOM SIZE IN CUTE ORANGE JUST IN TIME FOR HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!! I’ve reached out to other companies for custom sizing and been told no. This was such an easy process and it was shipped THE NEXT DAY!!! If you are on the fence about a product then jump on over because they’re fabulous.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Lauren Rowthorne

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