Infin8 Halter fantastic!

I'm so glad that I discovered your company and all of your fantastic products. The Infin8 Halter was recommended to me by my puppy's breeder (who uses one on both of her dogs). I have used different brands of head halters in the past; none of them are any where near as good as your Infin8 Halter in terms of effectiveness and comfort for the dog! I bought it for my 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Lucy. Although I don't take her on very long walks yet (as she's only young), she does pull on her walks (using just a regular walking harness). I was very keen to start training her how to walk properly without pulling (while she's still young and not fully grown/too big). The Infin8 is amazing. After only the first time of Lucy wearing it, she stopped pulling instantly. Whenever she started to pull (which was usually when she saw birds or people), all I needed to do was very very gently "correct" her by giving her lead a very gentle "tug" (Pulsating the leash), and she stopped pulling instantly. Best of all, the Halter is very gentle and does not restrict her mouth at all (i.e. she can still open her mouth to pant, drink etc.). It's also nice and soft, and has plenty of room for adjusting the length and size. The first time she wore it can pawed at the halter a little bit, and and rolled her head on the ground a little, but now (she's now used it about 5 or 6 times) she barely notices it. I highly recommend this Halter. At first it's a little fiddly to figure out how to put on, but once you've figured it out it's really simple (which says a lot since I'm putting it on a puppy!). Thank-you for a very innovative, Australian Owned and Made, great product (which I have now recommended to the other people who own Lucy's brothers and sisters) :) (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Katherine Bell

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