Treat Pouch suggestion

I've had the new style treat pouch for a couple of months now and just want to give you some feedback. I admit that I was a bit dubious at first, thinking the pouch was too deep and the secondary space not big enough, but after using it for a couple of months now I must say you got it right! I love it! I loved the original pouch too but this one is much better. The magnetic closure works very well and doesn't snap closed unexpectedly like the hinged closure does on my original pouch, and the secondary interior pocket is just right for carrying two different treat rewards. I've noticed that you now include the belt as standard and lowered the combined price. An excellent move! Well done Blackdog. Once again you prove that you really know what you are doing with dog training gear. I sell your Balance Training Pack to most of the dog owners in my classes and don't recommend any other brand. My sincere thanks for your great products.
5 out of 5 Stars!
May 2013 - Terri

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