Very impressed with Black Dog Wear in every sense of the word.

I bless the day i found your site, whilst looking for a harness for my recently adopted Foxie cross.... I knew when i saw the 'step in' harness, that it was the type i was looking for... I was like a kid waiting for Xmas day, for it to turn up, so i could start walking with her...and off we went in that same afternoon, with not a fuss, and she was super in it, and looked pretty dam good too.... They are a great harness, so easy to adjust to fit, and are made so well, with a great range of colours to choose from, using softish materials, and it is 'Made in Australia'...The harness looks so snazzy on her. She goes really well in it and has been comfortable in it from the first time i put it on her. Staff were so helpful and pleasant in the ordering process, and the harness was waiting in my P.O.Box on the third day.. So 'three cheers for Black Dog wear'.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Simone and Ellie

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