This morning we went for our first walk with the Infin8

Dear Black Doggers Yesterday I came to you to have my dogs fitted with their Infin8 halters. We have a 3 year old well behaved dog and an 8 month old Border Collie cross rescue puppy - not so well behaved! You were very patient, friendly and thorough - thank you. In the past the puppy was wildly excited to be going for a walk, and ran from side to side when he wasn't pulling like a steam train. I tried him on a normal haltie which helped a bit, but he continually kept putting his head down and trying to pull it off. He really hated it. Then this morning we went for our first walk with the new Infin8 halters, and we had the best walk we've ever had with the puppy. The difference was amazing, everything changed - he was calm, walked in a straight line, and didn't pull. Twice he tried to put his head down and scratch at the strap over his nose, but I pulsated the lead and he stopped. I really was amazed, particularly with the calming effect, which I hadn't expected Our older dog seemed to like it, although I couldn't honestly say I noticed any difference in his behaviour between the Infin8 and a normal haltie because he's well behaved most of the time anyway. The Infin8 does look more elegant because it doesn't have the rings and straps under the chin. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am, and what a huge difference it's made. If you want to add this to your testimonials please do. Thank you again for your really good service. (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!

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