I just wanted to say....wow.

Hello. I just wanted to say....wow. And I really mean WOW!!! We have a Brittany Spaniel, Joey, that is not yet one. I tried and tried walking him and was getting very distressed that I may have 'ruined' my dog because I could not walk him without my arm almost being ripped off. A neighbour lent me her Infin8 Halter and it worked instantly. I can now actually enjoy walks with my dog and he doesn't face the prospect of being confined to the back yard for the rest of his life! I have never sent feedback on a product before but the relief and joy I feel at being able to walk our Joey is genuine. Thank you. I have just ordered my own so I can return my neighbours to her. (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!

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