non delivery because of custom charges

not very happy that when my parcel arrives there was an additional charge of 11.03 custom charge which I refused to pay so I sent parcel back I have emailed blackdog a few times on this matter with no reponce from black dog I have a lot of connections with dog trainers and I am going to share my experiance of poor customer service so hopefully they wont recomend black dog. (Ed. Not all small parcels attract a Customs fee, a fee may be randomly applied by your country's Customs Service and is charged to the purchaser, it is out of Black Dog's control. Details for Ordering can be found on "Order Processing and Delivery" at the footer on our web site. Regarding email replies - please allow for any time difference between your country and Australia. We followed up with Andrea, with emails and a telephone call, and we will arrange a refund when her returned goods arrive at Black Dog)
1 out of 5 Stars!
Andrea Elliott

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