Balance harness is BEAUT!

Hi I recently purchased a balance harness for my terrier who pulls constantly and was amazed to have him almost immediately on a loose lead- Unheard of! I promptly went out and bought a large one for my wolfhound who doesn't pull until she sees a kangaroo- then she launches! Walking has become a pleasure in 1 week, they both used to be quite reactive when we walked our block where there are 4 yapping dogs on each side of the road. I had no hope of holding them or getting their attention until now. I just got home from walking them twice past this group of dogs, they were actually in control and pretty much just walked past all the dogs, no drama at all and heaps of rewards. The whole excitable carryon seems to be over- woohoo! Thankyou for such a great product and also the sighthound collar is fantastic for my wolfhound. We look forward to many more walks to come, thanks again, Maree.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Maree Hanrahan

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