Never stop making these...

I must admit, I didn't expect the infin8 to be as good as you said that it was. Even after watching the change in that dog in the video my skepticism remained high. Our boys (40 and 31kg American Staffordshire Terriers respectively) have broken and laid waste to more sturdy pieces of material in minutes. We purchased Caeser Millans collars and after a day of persisting with them they remain relatively unused on a hook in the shed. That brings me back to the infin8 head halters. We had initially used one of your older style training head halters on our 1st dog a few years ago. It was the ONLY thing that gave us a modicum of control over his pulling ability (he could pull for Queen and England)and so we decided to take your word for it and give the infin8 head halters a go. I don't think we have the same dogs any more. I hated getting up to walk the boys daily because of the way that they would pull us down the road. Now they walk with a loose lead right next to us! I am totally amazed, impressed and I bow to your genius invention the most wonderful infin8 head halter. It is "infin8ly" better than your regular training halter (which I would still recommend for smaller dogs as a vast improvement on anything else on the market today). The infin8 comes into it's own as the most remarkable way to get larger dogs (especially low slung hulks with big heads) to do the right thing by their owners. They know how powerful they are and tend to take advantage of that. Your head halter rendered our Mack Trucks gentle, docile and totally manageable by two 40+ owners who were starting to feel the effects of repeated shoulder pulling and arm wrenching. You have given us back our control and our pleasure in walking our boys and all kudos to you and whoever makes these amazing head halters. I am lauding your product to anyone who will listen to me. I am a zealot for your head halters and a day after receiving them I told 2 people having trouble walking their dogs to buy them NOW. Please NEVER stop making these head halters. They are the ONLY answer to rambunctious dogs with attitude and are the best product on the market for this purpose today. I can't begin to thank you enough for your brilliant invention. I will be pushing your head halters on my blog to all of my friends and family. These are the best :o) (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!
S.P .- Tasmania

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