I got a haltermate for my 15 month old dog (who is a nightmare with pulling on the lead), after reading all the glowing testimonials, but unfortunately after 4 attempts I have given up! He mashes his face into the road continuously and pulls at the strap around his nose with his front paws and has twice made his nose bleed in the process. BDW- Sorry this has happened to your dog. Like anything, 1 product doesn't always suit everyone. We try to provide as much information and helpful training tips as possible and even with my own dog I had to be persistant over a number of weeks (on grass) before we could establish a confident walk with the halter. We are always willing to give advice or alternatives if this product doesn't work for you and your dog. thanks BDW
1 out of 5 Stars!
Meriel Baker


As a new owner of a Saint Bernard puppy, I was in need of a way of being able to control my dog as he grew. I tried a BUNCH of inferior and more expensive products and failed. I wasn’t able to control his sheer power when he was pulling to say hello to all his potential new friends. Until I came across the black dog haltermate. Reasons why it’s amazing; 1- it freakin works!!! He’s 72kg, I can’t hold that back just walking on collar or harness. 2- I can order cute colours, shallow I know but most big dog stuff only comes in black, blah! 3- he outgrew the largest size on the site before his first birthday and I reached out and THEY MADE HIM A CUSTOM SIZE IN CUTE ORANGE JUST IN TIME FOR HIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!! I’ve reached out to other companies for custom sizing and been told no. This was such an easy process and it was shipped THE NEXT DAY!!! If you are on the fence about a product then jump on over because they’re fabulous.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Lauren Rowthorne

Black Dog; the ultimate products for every dog and situation.

I have and use so many products from the Black Dog range. All are strong, durable, comfortable for the animals and practical for the owners. Even the Carry All Bag has become an essential accessory to make life easier when we go off travelling! I have not been disappointed in any product, ever and keep recommending them to fellow dog owners. My one complaint is that more of the mega pet stores do not stock Black Dog products and deliver inferior quality imported goods. But, I guess it is up to us, the customers to let the proprietors of these businesses know WE WANT BLACK DOG, as nothing beats their quality or endurance when in constant use by dogs. Their extensive range of training and showing collars, haltiers and leashes is unsurpassed. As the human partner of a Delta Therapy Dog, who visits the elderly and frail in aged care, Black Dog collars are not only comfortable for the dog, but gentle on tender and easily damaged hands, anxious to pat my dog! I cannot endorse or recommend the Black Dog product range highly enough! Love you Black Dog! (BDW: Thanks Fiona for taking the time to write this testimony. Glad you love our products as much as we do!)
5 out of 5 Stars!
Fiona Ludbrook
Pets and Plants

20 years and still using

We have been using your products for around 20 years and have found nothing to come close to the quality that you produce. Our first experience was the halties as we had Siberian Huskys and the fit and ease placing it on them was fantastic. We now have a Collie Rough and use your training harness kit and we have been able to train Codii extremely well. We even use the harness as part of his seat belt for in the car. It is great being able to shop with an Australian owned and run business that provides top quality product at a reasonable price.
5 out of 5 Stars!
GaylGe Buchanan

You bloody beauty

I am so impressed with your products and service. Today was the first day in 12 months that I have been pack leader when walking my 2 dogs. My Dingo x Ridgeback was a dream to walk until our Beagle joined our family. Every walk was a disaster with the dogs jumping, lunging, and dragging me relentlessly around the countryside. The walks became half hour walks with me dreading the activity due to avoiding other dogs, situations, park steps and the like. With carpal tunnel in both wrists and osteo arthritis in both hands as well as shoulder pain from the dogs constantly pulling and dragging me I was to the point of having to consider paying someone stronger and more able to walk the dogs on a daily basis. My 2 Infin8 harnesses and double adjustable lead arrived and the dogs and I went walking for over an hour. We walked down steep walkway steps; uptown through the main street passing outdoor eateries; past other dogs and went to all the places that I have learned to avoid. Was I tired? No but both dogs were as they were walking at my pace and walking where I wanted them to go. Arriving home - dogs who had expended their energy and excitability. Me feeling more confident in my handling of them and asserting myself as pack leader. Later that day off to the off leash area for ball throwing and a short run. Tonight I have 2 soundly sleeping dogs on the couch - no constant jumping around and annoying the cats or running outside to bark at every noise. I had previously spent a fortune on harnesses etc., with none living up to its promise. The Infin8 is a Godsend. Tomorrow the dogs and I will be off on a walk for 1 to 2 hours to all the other places I have been avoiding and I am looking forward to it. (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Elizabeth Illingworth

Balance Harness - brilliant invention

I received the pink balance harness pack this morning for my West Highland White Terrier, she is nearly 2 and pulls continuously while out walking and is a little freaked out by barking dogs behind fences. This morning walking her was a pleasure, she soon learnt that she couldn't pull and walked along quite nicely. Had a few moments when she saw a couple of other dogs but with a little correction it was so much easier to walk her along side my 6 month old Westie girl. What a difference the balance harness has made to our daily walk even after only one outing. Highly recommend.
5 out of 5 Stars!

My first choice for quality dog wear!

I always blown away by the range, quality and durability of black dog products. They always have stock, numerous colours to choose from and quick shipping! Love the youtube links showing you how to use their products and halti's correctly. Their customer service is also great- sending you numerous notifications and updates from payment processing to shipping. Highly recommend black dog for ALL of your pet's needs!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Jaime M

Infin8 Halter fantastic!

I'm so glad that I discovered your company and all of your fantastic products. The Infin8 Halter was recommended to me by my puppy's breeder (who uses one on both of her dogs). I have used different brands of head halters in the past; none of them are any where near as good as your Infin8 Halter in terms of effectiveness and comfort for the dog! I bought it for my 4 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Lucy. Although I don't take her on very long walks yet (as she's only young), she does pull on her walks (using just a regular walking harness). I was very keen to start training her how to walk properly without pulling (while she's still young and not fully grown/too big). The Infin8 is amazing. After only the first time of Lucy wearing it, she stopped pulling instantly. Whenever she started to pull (which was usually when she saw birds or people), all I needed to do was very very gently "correct" her by giving her lead a very gentle "tug" (Pulsating the leash), and she stopped pulling instantly. Best of all, the Halter is very gentle and does not restrict her mouth at all (i.e. she can still open her mouth to pant, drink etc.). It's also nice and soft, and has plenty of room for adjusting the length and size. The first time she wore it can pawed at the halter a little bit, and and rolled her head on the ground a little, but now (she's now used it about 5 or 6 times) she barely notices it. I highly recommend this Halter. At first it's a little fiddly to figure out how to put on, but once you've figured it out it's really simple (which says a lot since I'm putting it on a puppy!). Thank-you for a very innovative, Australian Owned and Made, great product (which I have now recommended to the other people who own Lucy's brothers and sisters) :) (ED Note) Infin8 Halters were redesigned by Black Dog in 2016, the new version is now called Haltermate.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Katherine Bell

Good Aussie company with old fashioned values and principles.

I'm a regular buyer of black dog products because they are top quality and the service is outstanding. I ordered my custom made turtle neck "toughy" collar on Monday and it was made AND shipped the same day! I received it on Thursday due to the Australia Day public holiday which is amazing service. It fitted PERFECTLY and I'm so grateful to blackdog for their continued good service to me. If you ever need anything for your dog, cannot recommend Blackdog products highly enough. Thank you for prioritizing your customers so highly. I will definitely buy from you again.
5 out of 5 Stars!
kathlynne burbidge

Very impressed with Black Dog Wear in every sense of the word.

I bless the day i found your site, whilst looking for a harness for my recently adopted Foxie cross.... I knew when i saw the 'step in' harness, that it was the type i was looking for... I was like a kid waiting for Xmas day, for it to turn up, so i could start walking with her...and off we went in that same afternoon, with not a fuss, and she was super in it, and looked pretty dam good too.... They are a great harness, so easy to adjust to fit, and are made so well, with a great range of colours to choose from, using softish materials, and it is 'Made in Australia'...The harness looks so snazzy on her. She goes really well in it and has been comfortable in it from the first time i put it on her. Staff were so helpful and pleasant in the ordering process, and the harness was waiting in my P.O.Box on the third day.. So 'three cheers for Black Dog wear'.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Simone and Ellie

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