Balance Training Pack (Extra Large) w/ DLQSShort - SS *NEW
  • Balance Training Pack (Extra Large) w/ DLQSShort - SS *NEW
  • Balance Training Pack (Extra Large) w/ DLQSShort - SS *NEW
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Measuring for a Balance Harness

We size Balance Harnesses by the Girth Measurement of a dog.

Don't just try to guess by breed type - there's lots of variation in sizes of individual dogs, so a Girth Measurement will get the right size harness first time.


Check the picture below to see where the "Girth Measurement" should be taken.

Use a soft tape measure.


Place the tape measure around your dog's body, just behind the front legs.

Pull it to be a tight, snug fit and read off the measurement.


Now check the chart below, to select the correct size.

Balance Harness Min (cm) Max (cm)
Mini 40 (cm) 50 (cm)
Small 47 (cm) 63 (cm)
Medium 55 (cm) 72 (cm)
Large 66 (cm) 95 (cm)
Extra Large 92 (cm) 124 (cm)


Balance Harness Min (inches) Max (inches)
Mini 15½ (Inches) 19½ (Inches)
Small 18½ (Inches) 25 (Inches)
Medium 21½ (Inches) 28 (Inches)
Large 26 (Inches) 37½ (Inches)
Extra Large 35½ (Inches) 50 (Inches)

Balance Training Pack - Xtra Large **NEW** Includes BRAND NEW Double-Ended Lead 1.5m Strong Stainless Steel

Balance Harness - 25mm wide Girth, 25mm wide front chest webbing - adjustable for girth 92cm to 124cm. 

NEW **XLARGE Training Pack w/ Double-Ended 1.5m Strong Stainless Steel Lead - Available NOW


The Balance Harness is a training tool and should be used as part of a training program to reduce your dog's tendency to pull on lead. 

If you are looking for a more genaral purpose Harness, then look at our Dog Harness.

  • Do not use this Balance Harness to tether your dog !   Check-out the Dog Harness
  • Do not use this Balance Harness as a restraint in a Car!  Check-out the Dog Harness
  • Do Not use this Balance Harness with a lead longer than 2 metres!  Check-out the Dog Harness
  • The Balance Harness might break if you use it with any of the above, so that's why we suggest you Check-Out the Dog Harness.


New Balance Training Pack - Includes our NEW Double-Ended Lead 1.5m Strong Stainless Steel- Size Regular. Colour matched to Harness.
Specify alternate Lead Colour in Comments Section at Check Out, if required.


Balance Harness - for training Walking Control with pulling dogs.


The Black Dog Balance Harness helps stop your dog pulling on lead - it helps you train your dog to balance correctly on all four feet and not rely on the lead - They learn to walk comfortably without the need to pull.


  • Gently Stops Dogs Pulling and allows Effective Training
  • Control from the Front and the Back, using a Double Ended Lead
  • or Just Connect at the Front, with a normal lead.
  • Easy to Fit and adjust - comfortable and strong.
  • Restores Balance and allows Effective Lead Training.


A great Walking Harness, and an effective training alternative for dogs with neck issues, or if a head halter is not appropriate.


If your dog is an escape artist, you may also like to consider a Connector Strap as back-up security - they are easily attached as backup security on Balance Harnesses - connected between the Front D Ring (orBack D Ring) and clipped to the dog's collar.

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