Dog Harness - Extra Small
  • Dog Harness - Extra Small
  • Dog Harness - Extra Small
  • Dog Harness - Extra Small
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Measuring for a Dog Harness

We size Dog Harnesses by the Girth Measurement of a dog.

Don't just try to guess by breed type - there's lots of variation in sizes of individual dogs, so a Girth Measurement will get the right size harness first time.


Check the picture below to see where the "Girth Measurement" should be taken.

Use a soft tape measure.


Place the tape measure around your dog's body, just behind the front legs.

Pull it to be a tight, snug fit and read off the measurement.


Now check the chart below, to select the correct size.

Dog Harnesses - Extra Small - 12 mm wide collar and girth straps - adjustable girth from 30cm to 40cm


The "Step-In" style harness is extremely easy to fit, fully adjustable, comfortable and strong.


Can be used for walking - particularly useful for dogs with neck, or throat issues.  Many people prefer to walk such small dogs on a harness, as it spreads any strain broadly across the body, instead of localised on the neck.


May be used as a restraint in a car, but unable to be used with Black Dog's Seat Belt Strap, because the D Rings are too small - you can't put big, heavy D Rings on such small dogs, it would slow them down too much.

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