Target Click Stick -Terry Ryan
  • Target Click Stick -Terry Ryan
  • Target Click Stick -Terry Ryan
  • Target Click Stick -Terry Ryan
  • Target Click Stick -Terry Ryan
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Extendible Target Stick with inbuilt Clicker - Extends from 15cm, up to 70cm.


For Target Training activities with your dog.  One handed Targeting and Marking of behaviours.


Designed by Terry Ryan, this high quality, telescopic, target stick has an inbuilt Clicker - for one handed operation. 

It folds down into its handle and has a belt clip so you can keep your Target Click Stick handy whenever you need it.


A Target Stick enables you to train movements and positions at a distance, useful in breaking down more complex training activities into simple, rewardable components. The Clicker in the handle enables you to shape, or capture and mark behaviours as you see them (because you don't gave to grab a clicker in the other hand).  You train your dog to "target" the yellow ball with a paw, or nose and then use this to move your dog into position, or transfer the "targeting" to objects, positions, or movements you wish your dog to do.


Target-Click Stick by Terry Ryan - Comes packaged with instructions and information on target training.

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