Webbing Colour Change
We are in the process of changing some of our webbing, in most cases you will only notice a slightly softer feel to the webbing, but we have taken the opportunity to change the red to a brighter, more vibrant RED.   This change will happen gradually as the Original Red products move through and are replaced by the New Red.   When the New Red webbing is avaliable in each product we will introduce that colour option to the product order page and information. ..
Here is an article on "Pulsating the Leash" to help stop your dog pulling on lead.   Dogs pull on lead for a range of reasons, but the most common is that we humans keep tight pressure on the lead.    Dogs have what is called an "Opposition Reflex" - they tend to lean against any pressure they feel on their body.  With your dog on a collar, if you hold a lead tight (or the dog pulls against the lead) this makes the collar feel tight across the front of the dog's n..
All Black Dog's Leads, Collars, Head Halters, and Harnesses are Hand Made in Melbourne, even the Webbing is made in Melbourne.     Every lead, collar, harness, or halter is sewn by hand, we'll, it's sewn on a sewing machine by one of our skilled staff.  We each take great pride in our part of the process - from design, preparation, sewing, finishing and through to customer service.  We are committed to making great quality gear which works well for your dog.  ..
All the customer data from the Old Black Dog web site is no longer linked with this new site.    The 2 web site were so different it was not viable to try to transfer the information, and this was a good opportunity to make sure we have correct contact and business details from you.   All previous Registered Useres will need to set up a new web registration before you can use this new site. You'll need to click on "Create an Account" at the top on the web page - thi..
Automatic Emails are sent by our web site when you Register, when you Order and when we Process or Complete your Order.    Customers with Gmail accounts may not be receiving these, so for Gmail accounts you will need to check the details below...   For Gmail accounts.   Gmail is very specific about Spam, if you are not getting Notifications on Orders from Black Dog, it could be that Gmail is seeing them as Spam and dumping them off to the Spam box.  Unf..