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Webbing Colour Change
We are in the process of changing some of our webbing, in most cases you will only notice a slightly softer feel to the webbing, but we have taken the opportunity to change the red to a brighter, more vibrant RED.   This change will happen gradually as the Original Red products move through and are replaced by the New Red.   When the New Red webbing is avaliable in each product we will introduce that colour option to the product order page and information. ..
Training Collar sizes were changed at the end of March 2016 - to allow more overlap between sizes. The Extra Small and the Medium sizes actually remained the same, as did Heavy Duty Training Collars, but other sizes in Training Collars were modified to allow more overlap between the sizes.    We made these changes so fewer dogs would slip between sizes, and for growing dogs - with less need to purchase another size as they grow.   We have also changed the way we mea..
Stainless Black Dog introduced
As part of Black Dog’s ongoing products review, we are releasing a range of Leads and Collars with Stainless Steel components.   We have previously had some stainless steel in our range, as special items, but we have decided to incorporate these as part of our normal range.  The Leads and Collars will be released at the beginning of June 2014.   Some Black Dog products will change to incorporate stainless steel components and a few products will be deleted from the ran..
Black Dog Car Harnesses have been removed from sale while we assess the results of testing by NRMA on Car Harnesses.  During the NRMA tests the Carabiner clip used on our Seat Belt Strap opened under the forces generated in their impact simulation, so we have removed the product until we can re-design and re-source suitable components.   The Black Dog Car Harness is suitable for restricting a dog's movement around the car, in order to reduce driver distractions, and it will sa..
The NRMA has just hit the headlines with details on Crash Testing of Dog Car Harnesses - The Black Dog Car Harness failed the testing, so we are concerned.   We have contacted the Testing Department of NRMA to get a copy of their test results (which haven't arrived as yet), but chatting to the Chief Engineer, it appears that the Stainless Steel Carabiner on the Seat Belt Strap opened up under the crash forces.  Until we get the detailed report, we do not know how many times the h..
August 28th 2013 We've turned on the Find a Black Dog Stockist search.   On the bottom of the web site (down to the left- where you found this News link), there is the Find a Black Dog Stockist search.  Customers can search out a local stockist of Black Dog gear and purchase locally.     It's a neat google map search which pinpoints the nearest listed stockists, just enter some details of your address and it will find the closest suppliers.  At the moment ..
August 24th 2013 The most obvious news is - We have a new web site! It has been many months in development, but it moves us on to new, responsive technology - the web site will reformat itself to suit whatever device you are working on, be it a Desktop, a Laptop, a Tablet or a Smart Phone, you should still be able to see and function effectively.   You'll find video displays on a number of product pages and we've changed our product illustrations to mainly photographs - so you c..