Our Guarantee is simple - we’ll replace, or repair a Black Dog product, if any of the workmanship, or components fail within the first 6 months of normal use.


But read on…   Next comes all the “Fine Print” which you must read, because the Legal People tell us we have to be much more specific…


OK, so what does the guarantee really mean?


Black Dog is quite happy to guarantee our products against breakage, but we can only be expected to guarantee against things we have control over, or responsibility for. 


This means we will replace/repair a product if any of the components break as a result of normal use (the use to which the product was intended when designed) and we will repair/replace the product if the workmanship (how it is put together) fails as a result of normal use (the use to which the product was intended when designed) and we give you 6 months to prove to yourself that the product is as well made as we promise.


But... We Do Not guarantee that your dog won’t chew your Black Dog product.


Through years of evolution dogs have developed quite formidable equipment for chewing – just watch how efficiently they demolish a bone.   

Chewing of equipment is a training issue, it is the responsibility of the dog’s owner and not something  Black Dog has any control over.  

Keep your equipment in a safe place, where dogs can’t use it as a play thing and it will give you years of effective service.


A Note on our Webbing:

Our webbing is really strong, but if it were to break under extreme forces, the individual threads stretch, which causes heat in the threads and the broken ends will feel slightly hard and stiff.  If the webbing has been cut or chewed, the webbing ends feel soft and fluffy.  Some people see a cut in the webbing and automatically asume that it has "broken" or frayed, and they don't even consider the possibility that their dog may have chewed the webbing.  If you have a breakage, check the thread ends at the break - if they are soft and fluffy, then it is more likely to be chewed or cut.

Our Buckles are made of a very strong plastic compound and have been tested for breaking strength, so we know we are using the strongest buckles for their size, but they don't stand up a chewing dog.  On many buckles returned as "it just broke" we often see evidence of chewing, like little pinmarks made by dog teeth.  If you experience a breakage on a buckle, check it for teeth marks - these are a good indication that your dog has probably been mouthing or chewing on it.


But we can Repair ...

We have dogs and we understand that dogs love to chew things.  So we have a repair service and most things can be repaired, so don't throw items away before you check with us on the possibility of repair.