Privacy Policy - Black Dog Wear Pty Ltd - Melbourne Australia.


Black Dog's reason for existance is to design and manufacture great products which improve the life/bond between Humans and Dogs, to do this we have decided to sell this gear, instead of give it away - this way we can afford to live and employ great people to help make Black Dog gear.


In order for us to send your purchased goods, collect payment, and communicate with you if anything in that process changes or needs to be clarified, we need to collect your contact and payment information. 


Information you record on the Black Dog web site (on My Account, or when you Register) is encrypted and secured by Password, so it is kept from any prying eyes in cyberspace, and you control who has access to the Password.


We will use this information purely in the process of getting your order to you - we will not sell, trade, or share that information to any party outside Black Dog Wear - unless it is required directly as part of getting your gear to you. 


What do we mean by "... unless it is required directly as part of getting your gear to you" ?

It's really pedantic but here are a few examples...

  • Your Postal Address is displayed on the front of a Parcel which we put into the post to you (for anyone to see)
  • Your Credit Card details are submitted to our Bank who use it to charge your card for your order
    (your CC details are deleted once payment is complete  - unless you specifically ask us to hold them on file for ongoing automatic payments)


On some occasions a Business Customer may use Black Dog Wear as a Reference when applying for an account with another supplier - under those conditions we may be asked to supply general information about the Business's purchase and payment history with Black Dog.  If you don't want us to share such general information, then don't nominate Black Dog as a Credit Reference - again, you have control.


If a Business Submits Information to be displayed on our Find a Blackdog Stockist - we will shamelessly display that information for the world to see.