Vest Space - Large
  • Vest Space - Large
  • Vest Space - Large
  • Vest Space - Large
  • Vest Space - Large
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We size up our Vests by its Belly Measurement of a dog.

Don't just try to guess by breed type - there's lots of variation in sizes of individual dogs!


Dog Vest - "Give Me Space !" -  Large


Highly Visible Vest with "In Training   Give Me Space!", or "I'm Nervous  Give Me Space" message.  Select your preference with the buttons before you Add to Cart.


Made from light weight polyester material, will wear well and easily washed.  Not designed to be connected to a lead or to be placed under strain from a lead.


Nervous or reactive dogs continually have their anxiety reinforced by people or dogs moving into their comfort zone.  These Vests will alert other people to your dog's dislike of being crowded, making it easier to act appropriately and if necessary modify their dog's actions around yours.

Vest - Large - Girth 60 to 105 cm  - Yellow/Black

Printed yellow area of vest is: W: 42cms x L: 20cms

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