Dog Harness - Medium
  • Dog Harness - Medium
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Measuring for a Dog Harness

We size Dog Harnesses by the Girth Measurement of a dog.

Don't just try to guess by breed type - there's lots of variation in sizes of individual dogs, so a Girth Measurement will get the right size harness first time.


Check the picture below to see where the "Girth Measurement" should be taken.

Use a soft tape measure.


Place the tape measure around your dog's body, just behind the front legs.

Pull it to be a tight, snug fit and read off the measurement.


Now check the chart below, to select the correct size.

Dog Harness Size Min (cm) Max (cm)
Small 39 (cm) 53 (cm)
Medium 51 (cm) 73 (cm)
Large 70 (cm) 100 (cm)


Dog Harness Size Min (inches) Max (inches)
Small 15½ (Inches) 21 (Inches)
Medium 20 (Inches) 29 (Inches)
Large 27½  (Inches) 39½ (Inches)

Dog Harnesses - Medium - 20mm (collar) 25mm (girth) wide webbing straps - adjustable for a girth from 51cm to 73cm


The "Step-In" style harness is extremely easy to fit, fully adjustable, comfortable and strong.


Can be used for walking - particularly useful for dogs with neck, or throat issues.


Can be used in a car to restrict a dog moving around and becomming a distraction to the driver.

When combined with Black Dog's Car Strap (sold separately), the Dog Harness will hold a dog steady even under emergency braking from a high speed, but it is NOT INTENDED as a dog's "safety belt", as most harnesses will fail under the extreme forces generated in a car crash.



The Harness clips together with just one small buckle, yet is extremely secure when clipped to a Lead for walking, or in a car with the Car Strap.


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